Christmas in New York: Fun in the City

Posted on December 23, 2013
Good Morning, Everybody! Christmas is almost here, can you believe it?! I have to make one last trip to the post office this morning, and then get started on all the cleaning, cooking and baking, but before I do all that, I wanted to share the rest of our weekend in New York with you (if you missed my first post about it, you can find it HERE)!

I’m one of those people who absolutely loves to celebrate Christmas, and since I’ve been getting older, there are just some things that you appreciate even more, and in my opinion, this time of year is definitely one of them. So, that’s why the idea of celebrating the lead-up to this holiday in New York is just so incredibly magical for me and my loved ones. Just like thousands of people around the world, I always had the dream of being able to visit New York, and whilst I haven’t yet traveled via a private jet, that you can find at places similar to Jettly, just being here and exploring what this beautiful city has to offer is enough for me. Although, I definitely want to come back here in the future if I have the chance because there are so many things that we could forget to see, especially if we’re consumed by the holiday spirit. Anyway, I hope you all have a fun time getting ready for Christmas, that your to-do list isn’t too long and overwhelming, and that you get to enjoy the little things and remember what Christmas is really all about among all the stress and busyness of the week. Have a great day, Everyone!

I always feel like no matter how many times you’ve seen the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Plaza, it never stops being magical!
I loved all the beautifully decorated department store windows, and this was my absolute favorite! It was one of the display windows at Lord and Taylor on 5th Avenue. Santa (who moved!) stirring his hot chocolate!
We also made a stop at Dylan’s Candy Bar, which, if you’ve never been there and you happen to be in the city, you need to go to! If you don’t know anything about the store, Dylan is Ralph Lauren’s daughter, and her three story candy store and cafe is amazing! Check it out HERE!
Brownie Batter dark chocolate bar that tasted JUST like brownie batter. So good!
But the biggest highlight of our weekend was definitely seeing Matilda on Broadway! We love going to see shows, and this was a really fun one! It was at the beautiful Shubert Theatre, and all the sets were so creative and the music and dancing was amazing, especially because a lot of the actors were kids! You can find out more about the musical and watch some clips of it HERE! There was no photography allowed during the show, but the picture above is what the set looked like at the beginning!
Shake Shack
Midnight snack after the show – Shake Shack burgers & fries.


Walking through Times Square at night.
On Saturday morning, we went to have brunch at Cafeteria, a great place in Chelsea (that’s open 24/7!) I had been there with a friend years ago and have wanted to go back ever since. Every single thing on their menu looks amazing, and these Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict served on potato pancakes (my favorite way to eat eggs!) were so delicious! You can check out Cafeteria HERE!
Another fun place we went to was the market at Union Square. There is a green market there all year round, but they had their special Christmas market there right now too, which was filled with lots of great vendors! They had the most wonderful smelling Christmas trees there too, the piney smell filled the air and made it feel even more Christmassy! Here are some more picture from the market…
The best (and most delicious!) part of the market? These Waffles&Dinges (check them out HERE!) waffles! THE best waffles I’ve ever had in my life.
I hope you enjoyed this tour through Christmassy New York with me, and if you’ve never been there at Christmas time, I hope you get to go sometime, because there’s just no place like it! It was such a fun weekend, and we left with so many new and unforgettable memories!

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