Posted on October 16, 2014
Hello Everyone! Fall is definitely in full swing here… last weekend we took a trip to our favorite pumpkin farm in Pennsylvania and got our pumpkins, the first apple pie of the season has been baked, there’s a big jug of apple cider in the fridge and the leaves outside are looking more and more colorful every day! I wanted to share another fall salad recipe with you today, a couple of weeks ago I shared this Fall Quinoa Salad and this Fall Salad with Roasted Acorn Squash with you, and this Pear, Goat Cheese & Walnut Salad is so delicious too! I’ve been on a serious salad kick this fall if you can’t tell (and a soup one too! Scroll down for some of my soup recipes). I hope you’re all enjoying the fall season so far!
Greens of your choice (I used a baby spinach mix)
Sliced pears
Chopped walnuts (or pecans)
Shredded chicken
Goat cheese
Vinaigrette of your choice (I used a honey mustard one)
This salad really doesn’t require any directions, simply toss your greens with your vinaigrette and add in the shredded chicken (warm or cold), chopped nuts, sliced pears and goat cheese! You can use plain goat cheese, or if you’re looking for a little extra flavor use a store-bought flavored one like I did, or buy a plain one and add in some flavor yourself! I used plain goat cheese coated in chopped dried cranberries, orange zest and cinnamon (perfect for fall!), but you could coat it in herbs or anything else you prefer!
For other fall salads, check these recipes out!
Right: Fall Salad with Roasted Acorn Squash (recipe HERE) Left: Fall Quinoa Salad with Roasted Butternut Squash (recipe HERE)
Happy Cooking, Everyone!
I will be linking to THESE wonderful blogs!

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