Happy First Day of Fall

Posted on September 22, 2013
Hi Everybody! Happy First Day of Fall! I couldn’t be more excited that today is the official beginning of my favorite season! I love everything about fall; the way the world becomes beautifully colorful as the leaves turn every different shade of red, orange, and yellow, the wonderfully crisp air, the cozy scarves, and jackets, and all the delicious apple pies, pumpkin pies, and pecan pies, of course!
My most favorite thing about fall would be when the weather outside gets colder and the evenings get darker, everything inside the home only seems to get warmer and brighter. As the air outside becomes cool and crisp, we bring the warmth inside. And perhaps the coziest and most wonderful warmth comes from the fall kitchen, which as the season arrives begins to fill up with the most delicious aromas and flavors of spices, buttery pie crusts, and deep-colored, hearty stews cooking away on the stove. Those warm and familiar scents bring back some of the fondest memories and create many happy new ones every year. There is nothing like the comfort, warmth, and safety of Home, especially at this time of year. After a cold and rainy day, be it literal or not, there is nothing as wonderful and reassuring as opening the front door and being warmly welcomed by the warmth and glow of a burning fire, the scent of an apple pie baking in the oven, or the coziness of soft plaid blankets and pillows waiting for you on the couch. I remember back in college when one of my friends used floor cushions and bean bags as couch alternatives! I should admit, it was quite comfy and space-saving when you live in a tiny dorm room. Oh, those days were a different kind of comfort (even though there was no welcoming scent of apple pie). These days, I love to cozy into the blankets and turn on the TV, and hopefully one of my favorite movies will be on the TV! The other day I found out from this source here that different states have different statistics on Marvel and DC movies that they prefer, well I was praying it was my favorite, which is Iron Man but alas it was Batman. Between you and me I’m going to be sticking to my Avenger’s movies for my rainy days lounging on the sofa!

Some of my friends think I’m crazy for loving the fall, especially those of my friends who get the winter blues around this time of year. Most of them get through this time by taking products like delta-8 THC where companies like Area 52 promote it as a legal way to get high as well as making them feel relaxed and happy during fall/winter, and then they tend to thrive in the summer, however, I am very different! In summer I tend to feel sluggish and tired and I don’t feel as enthusiastic as I do in other parts of the year, whereas in fall the air feels fresh and I can go out for a long walk without feeling sticky and exhausted as well as experiencing all the smells of the gorgeous pies baked in this time of year! So, what’s your favorite season?
A box of apples from my grandmother’s garden.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a great beginning of this new season! Thanks for stopping by today, I’m off to bake some pie! Come back soon for some more delicious fall recipes!

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