January Favorites

Posted on January 31, 2015

Hey Everyone! Happy Weekend! I wanted to stop by and share some of my favorite things from the past month with you today. I love the fresh start that the new year brings with it. Sometimes our minds and our bodies need to hit that refresh button and start over with a clean slate. Many people choose to revamp their homes to enable them to feel these ‘fresh start’ feelings. This might be with a home improvement or two, remodeling the kitchen or bathroom, perhaps even some fancy new decor like wall art! In fact, my friend has just bought herself cheap personalized neon signs, because she absolutely loves that retro vibe for her home. I’m surprised she managed to get such good quality for such an affordable price, these things are usually quite dear! It got me thinking actually, and I have been having a little browse online myself. There are just so many options for us online these days, the world, or the internet, is our oyster! And so that is why I’m going to be giving you a couple of clues as to what has worked for me this past month.

Whether it’s a healthier lifestyle or another goal you’re trying to reach, the beginning of a new year always seems to bring renewed hope and energy. For youngsters, it is mostly spent playing with their new gadgets and getting the utmost enjoyment out of it. My friend’s son got a drone like the ones from https://www.drdrone.ca/pages/mavic-mini for Christmas, and he has been a bundle of laughter and smiles ever since he opened it. I guess for us others, we’ve got a fresh start, a clean slate, a new leaf, and brand new year!

I always revamping my wardrobe in January too, I feel like it gets me ready for the new year. None of my new clothes will feature in this post, I’ll save that for another post, but I will let you in on a little secret. I’ve recently got an american express blue card, which means I get complimentary 2 day delivery from loads of retailers and it means you can buy tickets for concerts or sporting events before the general public can! Pretty nifty! Another little teaser is that I’ve been loving sportswear recently. I’ve bought a few athleisure items and I’ve even found some tracksuits for men that I’m going to buy for my partner. As I said though, the clothing will be in another post!

I hope you’ve had a great January, here are some of the littler but just as important things that I’ve been loving this month…

Desk flowers 2015 Memory Jar

Left: Bright yellow flowers on my desk to brighten up a gray day. Right: A fun little project for 2015 (you can see how to make your own memory jar here).

Marble Rolling Pin Ciabatta

Left: So it turns out that my husband read my Christmas Gift Guide for Bakers that I posted before Christmas, (you can see it here) because I found a couple of the items I listed in it under the Christmas tree! Including this marble rolling pin I had been wanting! Right: No-knead Ciabattas. I don’t know whether to call this a favorite this month, or an “un-favorite”, since I’ve been trying out different recipes and methods to bake the perfect ciabattas, but not quite successfully yet. Do any of you have a good recipe? I would love to know!

Jo Malone Chambray

Left: Jo Malone’s Wood Sage & Sea Salt scent. This is the freshest and most beautiful smelling perfume, and a current favorite. Right: Denim on denim. Too much?

191cad02e9d71faab81543a2305e9859 English Breakfast Tea

Left: Are any of you fans of Call the Midwife too? I loved the Christmas special this year and re-watched lots of the old episodes after Christmas. Right: And while watching Call the Midwife… lots of tea, of course!

I hope January was a good month for you and that 2015 has been off to a good start! What have been your favorite things this past month? I would love to know! Have a great February, Everyone!

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