Heart Shaped Pancakes

Posted on February 11, 2017

Hi Everyone! If you’re a breakfast lover, I have a cute Valentine’s Day breakfast idea for you! It’s funny how something as simple as changing up the shape of pancakes will make them a little extra special, like these mini heart shaped Valentine’s Day pancakes! There may be other gifts that come about later in the day, or even in a more…steamy situation in the evening (I have one friend who got their partner a heavy hitch for the big Vday – I never knew what it was before that conversation!), but starting the day with a sweet sentiment can set the mood right from the start. Though, truth be told I never used to be a big breakfast eater; I would always run out the door in a hurry with a granola bar and a strong cup of tea in hand, but I have since learned the importance of having a good (and at least somewhat nutritious) breakfast that will actually keep me energized throughout the day. On most Saturday mornings, we have a big breakfast; there are waffles and pancakes, eggs and bacon, fruit and lots and lots of tea. I love those slow weekend mornings, they’re my favorite. If you want to make an extra special Valentine’s Day breakfast for someone next week, these mini heart shaped pancakes are a sweet, simple idea! Let’s just say that the first couple I made were more blob shaped than heart shaped, but once you get the hang of the technique, they are really easy to make! Here’s what you’ll need and how to make these…


Pancake batter
Heart shaped cookie cutter
Cooking spray/ Cooking oil or melted butter & pastry brush

Heart Shaped Pancakes


  1. First, make your pancake batter. I poured my pancake batter into a measuring cup to make pouring it into the heart cookie cutters easier, but you could spoon it in too. Heat either your griddle or pan, and place the cookie cutter on it, then quickly spray the inside (mainly the sides) with some cooking spray, or brush with some oil or butter. Pour in some pancake batter (don’t fill up the cookie cutter all the way to the top) and let the pancake cook until you start seeing bubbles on top.
  2. Using kitchen tongs, carefully grab the side of the cookie cutter (DO NOT use your hand as the cookie cutter will be very hot!) and gently pull it off (the pancake should hold its heart shape at this point), then flip the pancake and cook until done! Keep repeating the process, then serve pancakes with fresh berries, a dusting of powdered sugar and maple syrup!

Heart Shaped Pancakes

Heart Shaped Pancakes

For another fun heart shaped Valentine’s Day treat, check out these Valentine’s Day Watercolor Heart Cookies!

Valentine's Day Watercolor Heart Cookies

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