Easter Egg Tree

Posted on April 10, 2014
Good Morning, Everyone! I hope you’re having a good week and have been enjoying this spring so far. It’s hard to believe that Easter is almost here! If you’re looking for a pretty Easter decoration idea, I have a great one to share with you today! You only need a couple things to create this “tree” and you can decorate it with whatever Easter or spring themed decorations you like! This might be a good project to try out if you’re keen to make outdoor easter decorations for the festivities at this time of year. Here’s what you’ll need and how you can make it…

Branches (real or faux)
Silk flowers and leaves
Floral foam block
Easter eggs
Ribbon & Scissors
Hot glue gun



First, choose your container. I used a big white jug, but you could use a big flower pot, a vase or a bucket instead! Next, place the floral foam block on the bottom of the container, and begin arranging your branches inside, making sure you get a nice full arrangement from all sides. Once you have your arrangement, begin attaching the flowers and leaves on the branches using your hot glue gun. Use as many as you like, placing them on the branches evenly. Then, prepare the eggs. You can use whatever kind of eggs you like (just not too heavy so they don’t weigh down the branches too much, and nothing fragile!), I used a combination of some natural looking plastic eggs and my Mossy Easter Eggs (find a tutorial for how to make them HERE!) on my tree. Using your hot glue gun, attach a piece of ribbon onto the top of each egg, let it dry, and you are ready to hang the eggs!


To see how to make these Mossy Easter Eggs, check out my tutorial HERE!

Happy Crafting, Everyone!
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  • handmadeby EvaRose April 11, 2014 at 1:51 am

    Lovely idea to add interest to a table. I would tie ribbon bows in pastel colors on the tree branches too.

  • Laura Ingalls Gunn April 11, 2014 at 7:36 pm

    Oh I adore the moss covered eggs! Thank you for sharing.

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