How to remove wax from jars

Posted on August 26, 2014
Hello Everyone! I have a super quick and easy craft tip for you today… for how to easily remove wax from a glass jar! I usually use some of those modern wax burners instead these days as they don’t make as much mess. However, if you love scented candles like I do and have lots of used up ones sitting in the back of one of your kitchen cabinets (like I do!) waiting to be repurposed for something one day, then this is for you! With three simple steps, you can easily remove the wax and re-use the jars for storage or making new candles! Here’s how to do it…
You can remove the wax in three easy steps! First, place the jar in the freezer for a couple hours or overnight, because this will make removing the wax much easier! Next, using a sharp knife, cut the wax into a couple big pieces, making sure you cut all the way down to the bottom of the jar. As soon as you make one or two cuts, the pieces will become loose, and the wax will start coming out itself! Take all the pieces of wax out, then wash the jar with a sponge and some soapy hot water just to make sure you got all the wax out!
Happy Crafting, Everyone!
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  • CC November 21, 2016 at 8:42 pm

    Thank you! I so appreciate this tip!

    • ahomemadeliving November 29, 2016 at 8:52 pm

      Glad it was helpful! It’s a great little trick!

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