Almond Apple Cake

Posted on June 9, 2019
Almond Apple Cake

Hey everyone! So it has been a little while (almost two years, to be exact!) since I last posted, so let me catch you up a little bit on what’s been happening around here… let’s see. We left Maryland after five years of living there, moved to the metro NYC area (northern New Jersey), sold our first home, bought a new one, started renovating the new house (more on that to come!), and about a million other things in between… it’s wild to think how much can happen in just two years! The blog took a little bit of a backseat during all that, but this weekend I thought it was about time to bring it back! Also, I made this cake (again) and thought it was too good not to share. So, about the cake… This recipe literally takes max an hour to make from start to finish and calls for ingredients that you probably already have at home (does everyone else also always seem to have a random bowl of apples in the kitchen that looked really good at the store and then nobody eats?!). This is such a quick bake, making it the perfect cake to make when you have last minute guests or are just craving something sweet! It’s so light and fluffy, every bite filled with juicy tart apples and sweet crunch from the almond topping… perfection. It’s great on it’s own, but you could definitely serve it with whipped cream, creme anglaise or vanilla ice-cream!

(Recipe adapted from Once Upon a Chef)

1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, softened
2/3 cup granulated sugar (plus extra for sprinkling on top of batter)
2 eggs
1/4 tsp salt
1 cup all-purpose flour, sifted
1 tsp baking powder
2 apples, peeled & diced into small chunks (1/2 inch or so in size)
Handful of slivered almonds
Confectioners’ sugar (for dusting baked cake)

1. Cream together softened butter and granulated sugar. Whisk in two eggs, add salt and mix until smooth.
2. Sift in flour and baking powder and mix until a smooth batter forms. Gently fold in peeled apple chunks.
3. Preheat oven to 350 deg F, and line the bottom of a 9-inch round baking pan with parchment paper. Pour batter into prepared pan (it will be a pretty thick batter), smooth the top with a spatula and sprinkle generously with slivered almonds and granulated sugar. Bake for 30 – 40 minutes, until an inserted knife comes out clean and the top is lightly browned.
4. Let cool completely, then dust with confectioners’ sugar.

So if you’re looking for something quick, easy and DELICIOUS to make this week, try this! Thanks for stopping by today, have a great week!

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  • Anonymous June 9, 2019 at 2:55 pm

    great to have you back – it was long fasting 🙂

    • ahomemadeliving June 9, 2019 at 6:59 pm

      Thanks! And thanks for stopping by the blog today! 🙂

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