Sopressata and Cheese in Puff Pastry

Posted on December 16, 2012

Hi, Everyone! Hope you are all having a good weekend! I have the perfect holiday appetizer to share with you today! If you’ve never tried the Barefoot Contessa’s Sopressata and Cheese in Puff Pastry, you should give it a try over the holidays! This is one of my favorite recipes of hers, and like all of her recipes, it’s delicious, easy to make and has all the right flavors paired together! And the great thing about this recipe – only five ingredients! This is a great snack or appetizer – salty salami paired with Swiss cheese or Gruyere and dijon mustard in a pocket of crispy, light puff pastry – how bad can that be! Here’s the recipe…


(Recipe from The Barefoot Contessa)
*Serves 9 – 12*
1 package (2 sheets) frozen puff pastry, defrosted
1 tbs Dijon mustard
1/4 lb (about 12 slices) Sopressata (or Genoa salami, Black Forest Ham, or any other salty ham/salami)
1/2 lb cheese (Swiss or Gruyere)
1 egg plus 1 tbs water (for the egg wash)

1. First, defrost your puff pastry. Once it is good to work with, on a floured surface, roll each sheet into a 10×12 inch rectangle. Preheat your oven to 400 deg F (the original recipe said 450 deg F, but I lowered the temperature to suit my oven) and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.


2. Transfer one rolled out sheet of puff pastry onto your baking sheet, then spread it with the Dijon mustard, leaving a 1 inch border around the edges. Layer the sopressata on top of the mustard, and then the cheese slices on top of the sopressata, leaving a 1 inch border around the edges again.


3. Make an egg wash by whisking together 1 egg with a tbs of water. Brush the border with the egg wash, then place the second sheet of rolled out puff pastry on top and press down the edges. Cut around the edges so you have a perfect rectangle, then press them down using a fork.


4. Brush the top of the puff pastry with the egg wash, then cut three slits on top of it. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes, until the top is golden brown (make sure you watch it so it doesn’t burn!) Let cool for a few minutes before serving!

Happy Baking, Everyone!

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  • Winnie December 17, 2012 at 8:40 am

    WOWWWWWW These are looking sooooooo tempting and inviting!
    Perfect appetizers.

    • Maria December 17, 2012 at 9:33 am

      Thank you!

  • callieg March 3, 2014 at 1:56 pm

    It does look good

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